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Get this one if: You desperately want to set up your own business but you need to boost your confidence and bravery levels first.

It covers: Why you're overthinking it, how to stop naysayers wrecking your confidence, practical techniques that will enable you to front it out in any given situation, unquestionable proof that you can set up your own business if you decide to, and exercises and videos that will make you question and assess your life goals.


Get this one if: You just want to know what steps to take in order to set up and run a successful Virtual Assistant business.

It covers: How to be 100% it's what you really want, what it takes to be a good VA, how to ascertain whether you have a niche, what services you should offer, your company name and branding, LinkedIn profile and website, and how and when to launch your wonderful new VA business to the world.


Get this one if: You've already set up your business and want to know how to get your first client - or simply better clients than the ones you've already got!

It covers: Why you're probably looking at it all wrong, how to enable a marketing mindset, what a good client looks like, why not all marketing techniques are equal, what place LinkedIn and social media have in your marketing plan, what works for other VAs, and the techniques I use to land my own clients. 


Get this one if: You already have a successful business but you want to go to the next level, make more money and ensure you're maximising every aspect.

It covers: Pricing advice including raising rates and offering bundles, retainers and packages, how to upgrade your clients and expand your skills to secure higher paid work, why you should partner up with other freelancers and stand out by specialising, and how to assess your business and adjust it to realign with your financial goals.


It really is best if you only choose ONE sequence at a time because you don't want to end up confused, ahead of yourself, doing things in the wrong order or getting loads of different emails every week. 

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