"As a tech-focused VA, I already had a fair amount of generalist SEO knowledge but hadn't honed in on Local SEO and frankly, knowing which fields to fill in is half the battle. I struggle with website content so this is where Izzy's course really helped me. She clearly sets out examples and takes you through the steps in a clear and concise way, making sure you hit local SEO from every angle." Raquel Fernandes

"I had a call from Yell a few weeks back regarding my business ad with them and how they could help me. The guy wanted to sell me their product to monitor and increase search engine rankings. He asked lots of questions then explained that as my website was new and I’d done it myself, my rankings would be poor but that they could help. I felt rather smug as he ran his test because my rating came back as excellent and he floundered with what to say to me! I loved the WordPress course but worried that I hadn’t nailed the SEO course... I guess not! 😊" Isla Kirk


"I purchased the course knowing absolutely nothing about SEO or coding or any technical website things - I could just about go into my website to edit text and that was pretty much it. I decided to try to get my website visible for my county and the neighbouring county as I am right on the border of Suffolk and Essex. I started off on page 5 of Google for 'Virtual Assistant Suffolk' and page 15 for 'Virtual Assistant Essex' and after working through the course I'm now on page 1 of Google for Suffolk and page 4 for Essex! Page 1 is somewhere I'd never imagined my website getting to and it is all thanks to this course. It's so well written, really easy to follow with screenshots and step-by-step instructions and you definitely don't need to be a website wizz to go through it. I thoroughly recommend it." Natasha Byford

"Just wanted to give a huge shout out to the SEO course - I'm now coming up on the first page of a Google search for Virtual Assistant Maidenhead. It took much less time than I thought; I only finished last week and there I am!" Elaine Ross

"Just did a website test with Yell and they tell me that for SEO my site is ranking at 7.9 out of 10. They said that usually new businesses come out at 3-5 so I am well chuffed. Thank you Joanne Munro for this great course!" Fiona Doonican 

"Izzy's course is THE go-to course if you want to know and understand SEO perfectly. SEO sounds daunting (especially to those of us that never even knew it existed or what it does!) but this course is perfectly laid out to appeal to everyone. Clear and concise, it holds your hand all the way to the end giving you the complete confidence to know that your website has all the SEO it needs and more. 

SEO was always something I dreaded having to deal with but I really liked the bite-sized paragraphs which made the information easy to digest and it definitely had stuff in there I wouldn't have thought about. I'm a non-techie so need things in laymans terms and the course was very much geared that way. I thought it was excellent value considering how useful and important it is and I'm sure she could charge more." 
Naomi Neita

"To get on the first page of Google is invaluable. I don't think anyone will have a problem implementing the advice and I felt that the author was an expert in her field. The design is nice and fresh, it's really easy to read and follow and the writing style is excellent; it's as though Izzy is talking directly to the reader.

I have done a lot of writing for SEO but there was a lot of information in the course that I didn't know - I've usually written the content and then allowed Google to do its thing, rather than using offsite SEO. I also wasn't aware of Schema and in fact, had not initially thought it necessary to include my address on my website.

So in summary, I think this is a brilliant guide to local SEO that's packed full of invaluable information to get your website listed on page one of Google. I had dabbled with content SEO in the past, but I learned loads of things I didn't know before and look forward to seeing my website climb the ranks on Google. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to make their WordPress website work as hard for them as they work for their business."
Sarah Liddle

"I am a complete website and SEO novice. The terminology, coding, ranking etc completely freaks me out so I was slightly apprehensive when I started to work through the course. I shouldn’t have been because Izzy really explains what SEO is in simple terms. 

The course is really easy to follow, Izzy writes as I imagine she speaks and there’s no jargon or complicated terminology. I could tell she knew her stuff and I trusted what she was telling me. I had never come across Google Adwords, short and long tail keywords ( I didn’t even know I needed to use keywords!) but at the end of each section I fully understood what I’d done and why.

That’s the brilliant thing about this course, Izzy doesn’t just tell you what to do, she tells you why you need to do it. I loved the blog section – it was something I thought I should probably do but now I’m in no doubt of how valuable they will be for my website, I can’t wait to get blogging!

I think Izzy’s course is a bargain, not just because it’ll get you on the front page of Google locally, but because it’ll give you a really clear understanding of SEO to the point where you can even offer it as a service yourself. Thanks Izzy, you’re awesome!"
Sophie Khaksari

"I cannot speak highly enough about this course and I love how matter of fact, to the point and no messing about it is. Having completed a Digital Marketing course in 2014/2015 Level 7, the one area that I could never get my head around was SEO and I blagged my way through that module with the help of classmates! This course was like a breath of fresh air, it immediately brought back what I should have learned in that course but in a way that I could actually understand. 

I found the course well laid out, the steps were very clear and easy to follow and I felt confident in myself to follow through and implement the procedures on my own website without the fear of crashing it!

I loved the approach Izzy took in compiling this course where she looked at it from the end users ability to follow through. It is obvious that Izzy is very competent in her knowledge of SEO and she delivers the content in an easy to understand manner that makes it easy for the end user to follow through on the steps involved."
Vicki McGowan


"Thank you so much for putting this course together. It's really demystified SEO for me, in particular the section on keywords and how to use the Google keyword tool. I'd looked into it before but ended up dismissing it as way too complicated - but actually the basics aren't hard at all! 

Having all the information in one place to refer back to has made me feel confident to now offer basic local SEO setup with my website packages. I also really like the extra section on offsite SEO - I'm still only using LinkedIn while I build my website but I have been able to put all that into practice already so the course is worth the money for that section alone in my opinion."
Eleanor Brown


The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO course was created by expert SEO and digital marketing consultant Isabel Crouch. Owner of IZC Marketing, Izzy's other services include pay per click advertising, social media marketing and creating integrated digital marketing campaigns.

Predominantly specialising in helping small businesses instead of "large fancy ones", Izzy has worked for clients across the board from lawyers and accountants to musicians and racing drivers.

When she's not performing SEO wizardry, Izzy can usually be found either on a horse or in the sea surfing, swimming, snorkelling or... bog diving!


What is SEO?
Google, Bing and Yahoo send out little 'spiders' that continuously crawl websites to try to understand what each site is about. When someone types something into the search engines they show websites in the order of what they think is relevant for these keywords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) involves convincing the search engine spiders that your site is the most relevant out of all the other 1 billion websites in the world for your chosen keywords. So you need to make sure that your website is found and understood by the search engines and is the one that gets clicked over all the others.

Who is this course for?
Anyone who wants to optimise their WordPress website so they can appear on the first page of Google for their local area.

Do I need to be a techie or know how to code?
No, not at all. Everything in the course is laid out with detailed screenshots so you can see exactly what needs to go where and why. If you can follow a recipe then you can easily do this!

How is the course presented?
Once you click to buy, you'll be taken straight to my dedicated courses website where you can pay. You then work through each section and mark each lesson complete as you go. 

Does the course just cover WordPress websites?
Yes. If you have a Wix, Squarespace or Weebly site then this is not the course for you. Google loves WordPress sites so it's much easier to optimise them.

What happens if any of the information in the course goes out of date?
SEO, Google and WordPress are all continually updating so if and when things do change, the course will automatically be updated too. 

What if I get stuck and need some help during the course?
Izzy's contact details are in the course so you can give her a shout if you need to.

Can I see what modules are included in the course? 
You can indeed. Just click on one of the big pink buttons and you'll be taken to the website where the course is located and there you can see and all the modules and lessons.

I have a few more questions before I buy
No problemo. Email and ask away! 


* To ensure it's YOUR website that comes up when someone searches for a VA in your area. If two sites are selling the same thing, the search engine optimised website is far more likely to receive more visits and therefore make more sales.

* Because, although you're virtual, a potential client will usually add the name of a place after their search query: "admin support Brighton" for example. 

* Because there are many ways to get your site found so you should take advantage of them all. There's no point in having a website if it doesn't come up on the first page.

* Because Google doesn't know who you are unless you tell it - but it speaks a language you don't!

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