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I'm forever getting wonderful messages and emails about how great the DIY VA course is but, because there's only so much room on the actual sales page (and it's completely full!), and it's a big decision, I created this additional page in case you wanted to hear even more good things about it.

* If you want to know what the course is like, you can watch trainee video testimonials here.
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"I've just completed your course - for the first time. I say that because I have already dipped back in to it twice just hours after finishing it. This is just another fan mail email and I apologise, but I just wanted you to know again that everything you've imparted is relevant, useful and thought inspiring. I refuse to go back working with someone who doesn't value me, someone who controls my time and who makes me feel rubbish. My journey towards being a successful VA with more clients than you can shake a stick at is well underway thanks to you! I'm forever grateful."


"I just wanted to send a quick thank you for pointing me in the right direction (along with many others!). I didn’t want to post on the Facebook group as I didn’t want to appear as bragging but my first two months have gone amazingly well. I have put in a lot of effort (which you do have to do to be fair), a bit of networking out of my comfort zone and lots of learning etc but I am so happy I took the plunge. 

Life is really, really good right now even with an a**hole husband telling me I haven’t brought home as much money as I was – two days later I got two new clients and banked £550 – up yours husband! Soon I'll be able to be self sufficient and on my way after many miserable years of marriage… so a big thank you!

I’ve had no encouragement or support from my husband whatsoever and I think he’d quite like me to fail actually but it is only making me even more determined to succeed. The best part is I am absolutely loving it. The stress from my employed job has gone. Yes there’s a different kind of stress, but nothing like what it has been. It’s such a fabulous feeling when someone comes to you and wants you for what you can do for them."


"I just wanted to send a note to say thank you. I started the course months ago and I now stand with three clients on retainers totalling 21 hours a month and have another two potentials lined up. My aim is 25 hours a month as my two kids are still pre-school age and I want to ensure that I'm giving them enough of my time, but the last few months have given me confidence that I will be able to grow quickly when they are at school. 

This would not have been possible without your course. It would have taken a lot longer and my confidence wouldn't have been at the same level without the group and your motivation. You should win some kind of an award for services to women!"


"I just wanted to thank you for the DIY course and the VA Rock Stars Group. I have gone from stressed out to happy and fulfilled and excited in less than 3 months. 
Back in August I was a stressed out Mummy, relocating back to my hometown and faced with the prospect of going back into teaching, a job that has made me anxious, stressed out and grumpy for 12 years. I didn’t know how I’d make it work with two toddlers and childcare fees.

I invested in some career coaching in July and then I joined a Mum's group on FB where I heard the term ‘VA’ being used. A quick Google search and up popped ‘The VA Handbook’ and I have never looked back. I was blown away by your website! 

I can’t believe I am so chilled out on a Sunday evening and looking forward to the week ahead. I keep wanting to pinch myself to check that this is all real and actually happening! Thank you so much, Jo, I would still be supply teaching and pretty miserable if it wasn’t for you."


"Thursday was my last day of the day job and I'd scheduled a meeting for yesterday with a prospect I met last week. I went to her house yesterday and she's signed up for two days a week. I've got a challenging but exciting project to do for her and she already made me promise to never leave her side! :-)

So basically, I've got to work two days a week to earn the same salary that I was earning childminding (5 days a week, 10 hours per day). I mean, WTF?!

Last night my husband told me how proud he was that I've taken this bull by the horns and made it happen and I wanted to say THANK YOU to you because if it weren't for you, I'd have never done it. It's such a cliche to say you have changed my life, but frankly YOU HAVE!"


"I’m about halfway through your course and am buzzing with enthusiasm and ideas. I never thought anything like this could happen for me so I am having to have a word with myself now and again to keep my confidence up. I am loving everything about your course and your website, the realness of your communication and your real-world tips and advice." 


"I can certainly recommend Jo's DIY course. I finished it in around a month and have had loads of work as a result. The information is structured, relevant and bang up to date. You won't be disappointed. I didn't know where to start in the beginning as there's so much information out there but once I started the DIY course I was completely focused on what I needed to do. Also, once you're signed up you'll have access to another Facebook group where we trainees hang out and share our knowledge and best practice. It's absolutely worth the money."


"Totally worth the money! There is so much info out there and it becomes overwhelming. With Jo's course you'll be a VA before you know it but with all the best advice and support. I couldn't have done it without her - or if I'd done it on my own I would still be trying to set up. (I started 5 months ago and have loads of clients). Go for it, you won't regret it!"


"Fabulous is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about this training package! The training is abundant with best practice advice and tried and tested techniques to take you from thinking about starting your own business to being up, running and earning.  Jo has worked with professionals in many fields and she's incorporated their expertise within this training which covers every aspect of business start-up in a no-nonsense, step-by-step approach. The training is written in a very conversational manner – it feels like Jo is actually talking to you. 

There's information to read, videos to watch, work to complete, lots to think about, lots to challenge your thinking, and above all, it’s fun to do. I’ve really enjoyed doing this training and I’ve learned a lot more than I bargained for along the way. Jo is very free with her advice and secrets to professional success. This training would be a true asset to anyone looking to start their own VA business and comes with my heartfelt recommendation." 


"I've been thinking about starting my own VA business for some time now, as I left employed work 7 years ago to support my husband's career which involved travelling to other countries. Having filled my time with volunteer work, I love the idea of earning again but haven't had the courage to take the first step... until today! I have just joined the DIY course and already have sight of how my business can proceed after only completing Section one. Thank you, Jo, for giving me the push I needed!"


"I had absolutely no idea that there was a demand for VAs out there. I had thought that my only hope of gaining extra time with my daughter was to put my career on hold and just find shift work or a term-time only role. The first resource I came across was The VA Handbook and I was amazed that other people, with far less experience than me, were making a real success out of their business. I wanted in on the action!

I tried to do it my own way for a while but I quickly realised that I was wasting time because I didn't know how the hell to run a business. At that point I knew I needed to invest in my future success by completing comprehensive training. I'd already been a part of Jo's Facebook group for some time, so it was logical to learn more from her.

I've not looked back and remain amazed at how much my life has changed in two short years. I now work school hours only and my clients fit in around that. I get to walk my daughter to and from school every day and that, to me, is priceless. I can't thank Jo enough for giving us her brain in this training, and for the wonderfully collaborative community she's gone on to create. Five out of five stars from me!"


"Hands down, the best part of 2016 for me was leaving Walmart and becoming a VA with your help, Joanne! I shudder every time I think about all the sh!t I hated doing and the Monday morning mess I walked into each and every week. I feel a sense of relief every Sunday instead of a huge ball of stress in the pit of my stomach when I think about work the next day. I have to literally hold myself back from working on the weekend because I enjoy it soooo much! Thank goodness I found The VA Handbook."


"Before I bought the course I struggled to be honest; in my first year of business I had to do supply teaching on the side to make ends meet. But within a year of buying the DIY VA course I'd more than doubled the income from my business, and I've since doubled it again. 

The biggest thing for me is that not only do you get the training (which includes how to get clients) and a hell of a lot of support from the group, you also get a lot of mindset stuff that helps massively with things like pricing. I've even picked up work directly from the group too, as people sometimes share work if they've got too much on or it's not their skillset.

Obviously I'd only invest in the course if you're 100% serious about setting up a business. But if you are, and it sounds like you'd make a great VA, then I'd recommend it. It was the making of me."


"I'm typing this from the lobby of a posh hotel in Leeds, waiting to go into a PA/VA conference and reflecting on how far I've come in a year. In my old job, I would never have made it to this event - I would probably have booked a place but then been hauled into the office at the last moment to support my boss with her latest crisis and ended up missing the whole thing. I'd have been tired, frustrated and feeling like I was overlooking my own development in favour of just 'getting stuff done'.

Instead, I got up in my own time, had a lovely shower, mosied into town and picked up a delicious coffee which I didn't have to gulp down at a million miles an hour, and now I'm relaxing waiting for the event to start whilst reading up on a few articles at my own pace.
I've already done my target hours for the week which means I've earned enough to take the day off guilt-free. I've even had time to review the quotes for my new car this morning (which I also wouldn't have been able to afford in my old job - my goal was to own a Range Rover after a year in business and I can't wait to order it!) and I am just feeling SO. BLOODY. BLESSED. Joanne, I owe you big time for changing my life. You rock."


"FAN MAIL! I've just completed section 2 and am bloody loving your DIY VA Course. It's like a great TV series you don't want to end!"


Jo Robertson

"I have two boys aged 11 and 6 and they need me around more. I've missed out on lots of assemblies and sports days - some real key milestones in their lives... and I really didn't want to do that anymore. As a VA I'm now doing half the hours I used to do for the same income. Doing the course and now being my own boss is the best thing ever."

Judi Evans

"I did a lot of Googling, came up with this thing called virtual assistance and discovered the VA Handbook. I immediately bought the course, went through that, and in my 50s I've now got a second career. So I would say to anyone who's fed up of corporate work, do it, you can."

Naomi Neita

"You so need to sign up for Jo's DIY course. It's EXCELLENT! I've learned so much, have my first client and haven't even finished the course yet. Jo is so friendly and helps you every step of the way. She's covered all the bases and then some for starting a VA business (and making sure it thrives). So stop what you're doing and buy the course now!"

Sophie Hanson

"Jo's course is perfect for anyone who is serious about becoming a VA. It's really comprehensive, easy to follow and is packed to the brim with useful and practical information. The aim is not only to share with you tons of knowledge about how to be the best VA ever, but to actually get your business up and running as quickly as possible as well as getting the right type of clients - and so much more. Thank you!" 

Emma Levings

"I took my leap of faith about two weeks ago and now I'm motoring!! You can go at your own pace and I have to say the course has given me oodles of confidence too. I love the style, the content is all very relevant and it really does prepare you to launch your business. What are you waiting for... go for it!"

Emma Conway-Hyde

"Since completing the course, I have not looked back. The flexibility that comes from working for yourself is great and, for the first time, I've been able to spend a lot of time with my daughter during the school holidays. My daughter made a comment to me the other day and I quote: “You seem so much happier now, Mummy”. And I think that says it all."

Charlotte Souber

"Can I let you into a secret?  I only started part one of the course, got two clients and haven't actually managed to do any more because I'm too busy to finish it! Doing the course gave me the kick up the bum I needed and now I'm doing 20 hours a week client work on top of a full-time job, and with a 3 year old son!"

Sophie Khaksari

"It took me about a month to complete the course. I started on 12th January and by the end of February I had my first client. There is absolutely no way I’d have set up my business and found clients as quickly as I did, and I’m confident that I have a sound, sustainable business for life. I have freedom, I am the boss and I’m not relying on anyone else to pay my wages. I'm less stressed, I have more energy and I’m a much better mother and girlfriend."

Laura Coyle

"The course was an excellent investment in my future and I had recouped it within my first week of working. I love being a VA, it’s interesting, varied, and I love running my own business. I am definitely happier which automatically makes everyone around me happier. I have more time with my kids and we can do things at a moment’s notice now like finish early and go to the seaside if it’s sunny." 

Sadie Finch

"I couldn’t wait to get going and I did the course during nap times and in the evenings and ticked off everything on the checklist just one month after starting the course. For me it was life-changing. I’m happier, I’ve made new VA friends and I feel like I’m ‘Sadie’ again rather than just Mummy. I can’t ever imagine going back to being an employee. It’s also a bloody bargain for all of the guidance and support you receive – I’d never have been a VA without doing this course."

Jan Baber

"I absolutely adore being a VA and it's certainly given me more freedom in my life. If you’d said to me a year ago that I would be standing up in front of a room full of strangers talking to them about not only my work, but MY BUSINESS, I would have laughed my socks off. I haven’t looked back and have no regrets whatsoever – other than I wish I had taken the leap years ago! I’m really quite proud of myself."

Jo Lewis

"I started the course at the beginning of June and completed it mid August. So far I have three clients and I’m leaving my full time job next week. I am beyond excited and am thrilled that I have been able to get clients so quickly. Everything is so different now. My outlook on life is far more positive than it has been for years. I have just EIGHT DAYS to go and I am a full time VA! Jo’s course content really is amazing and I honestly cannot  recommend it enough."


"I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished Jo’s DIY course. It gives you an excellent framework to work against while encouraging you to set up your business to reflect YOU. It’s so satisfying to know that everything from my branding to my website has been carefully thought out in line with everything I want to achieve in my business. For anyone thinking about buying the course, I’d say DO IT!! Excellent value for money and I don’t know what I would have done without it."

"I’ve been an EA for 15 years and am looking to get into the VA space. I completed the course two days ago and got my first enquiry today!"

"I’m not even halfway through and am already about to sign my first client. The course helps organize your brain by allowing you to follow a format which alleviates the stress of feeling like you’re going it alone without any guidance. It’s awesome!"

"Best decision I’ve made so far was signing up to your course. It’s given me focus, confidence and direction. I know I’ve saved huge amounts of time by following it already and avoided some costly mistakes."

"When I decided to become a VA I really didn't know where to start. This course is fabulous. It really helped me focus on my strengths, look at the services I can offer and above all, how to approach potential clients. Jo genuinely wants people to succeed. I'm so happy I found this course."

"I followed the VA Handbook website for a long time. I subscribed to Jo's newsletters and then I eventually bought the course. It has been a game changer. 

I had 25 years as an Executive Assistant / PA but no experience of being a business owner. It isn't as simple as building a website (that actually isn't simple but there's a course for that too!), and waiting for people to find you. The DIY VA course is an A-Z of business start up. It's so resourceful as you exchange ideas and help each other go through the journey like a family or sisterhood!

I have 3 children (now 9 year old daughter and twin boy and girl age 6). It took me forever to set up but I'm glad I did it. Part-time salaries are c**p and I charge £30 per hour and have clients who pay it! In fact, I just completed a digital transcription job yesterday (straight audio) and I charged £150." 

"Really loving this group and the course. I only signed up last month and now I have 33 hours a week guaranteed work!"


"I am currently on maternity leave and working through the DIY course but wanted to share that I’ve just landed my first retainer client (first client full stop) at 5 hours per week! I’m utterly delighted. Without the trainee Facebook group and the course I think I’d have just felt a bit lost! I’m still kind of nervous and I don’t have everything set up yet, but I just wanted to share my story for anyone just starting out like me who feels a bit overwhelmed but really wants it... you can do it!"

“If you’re looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you what you want to hear whilst you wallow in your comfort zone, keep it moving! But if you want a realistic, sustainable, dynamic business model that works in just 12 weeks - look no further!”

"Just wanted to say thanks to Joanne Munro. The DIY course has been great and I landed my first client yesterday. Just a small research project but it’s a start and I have another 3 prospects in the pipeline."

The course is great - just what I needed to ensure I work through the set up process in a logical way instead of getting distracted and spending time on other things. Huge thanks, money well spent on my part! 

"When I'd looked at the 'What tools you need to set up your VA business' document, I was shocked to find that the only thing I could tick off was having a printer!

Less than a month into the DIY VA course and I'm pleased to say I have everything ticked off other than a backup system (although I'm using Dropbox) and setting myself up on Twitter. I've also done the Gmail course and set my email accounts up properly, completed my LinkedIn profile (thanks to Luan Wise's help) and am 70% through the WordPress course which has allowed me to break the back of building my own website. 

I've done a few different training courses over the years but this has been the most fun. :) Thanks Jo!"

"This is an extremely well thought out and informative course for anyone who is considering becoming a Virtual Assistant. There is so much information, advice and templates that I can't see how anyone could set up without it, to be honest. You're not left alone either and I know that if I have a question I can ask Jo at any time in the trainee Facebook group. This is my VA bible!"

"This course and this path in my life has been one of the smartest things I've ever done. Jo and the Facebook group have been my constant guides. I've now been doing this full time, exclusive of any other employment for about a year and a half. I support myself and my three kids. It is a lot of work, it is NOT a 'get rich quick' scheme, but it is absolutely real."


"The course is fab. I've worked through all the stages, I have a website that I'm happy with (although I know I will change it a bit as my services change and increase), I've set up my Twitter and updated my LinkedIn and I'm now enjoying my children for the summer. This is the perk of being a freelancer and the reason I gave up my previous business was because I couldn't control my workload to give my children quality time during the holidays.

From the beginning of September it's all systems go. I have the odd wobble but on the whole I'm feeling confident and that's due to the course content - I'm not worrying that I could have missed something because it's so logical as you work through it. Thank you and I hope to be sending you another email in 6 months telling you how successful I have been!"

"What a fantastic course. I have wanted to work for myself for so long, but just didn’t know where to start. The modules are so easy to understand, with no jargon, which will help to give me a flying start – thank you so much!"

"OMG!!! Bought the course two weeks ago - just got my first client!! Scary and exciting."

"I thought I'd give myself a year to work through the course and set up while temping on the side, but then I read an encouraging comment made by another member of the trainee-only Facebook group and decided to just get on with it. I have loads of ideas of where my next clients are coming from - all the tools we need are in Jo's course. If I can do this, anyone can!"

"Jo’s DIY VA course is invaluable. Before I bought the course I searched the web a million times for information as I was all muddled, overloaded and really didn't know how or where to start. I highly recommend this course. Thanks Jo!" 

"Just to update you - I'm nearly ready to go! I had been waiting until April but I'm now bringing it all forward to the end of January (after 4 weeks notice). I've learned so much already and feel much more confident since working on the DIY course. I just need to get it all out of my head and onto social media sites and line my ducks up in a row then boom! Thanks for guiding me, Jo - you may blush but you really are an inspiration to us all."

"It’s a step-by-step approach to going from unemployed Mummy to business owner with clients. I don’t see myself being an employee ever again. I feel very fortunate and very happy. You don’t get a certificate at the end of it or a graduation ceremony, but you do get your own business and the chance to live your life on your own terms."

"It's a no-brainer!! The support is second to none and I would never have had the courage without the course. It gives you all the right information and the constant encouragement to crack on with it. Definitely sign up!"

"Thanks Jo for being there, it was a year ago that I found you! How lucky that you were there. I'd just been offered redundancy and your site gave me the inspiration to go it alone. I didn't buy the course for over a month - on my birthday, in fact, at the end of July, but I knew I would buy it and, subconsciously, I wanted to do it on a momentous day - my dad died the year before on my birthday and he would have been so proud of my decision."

I left work in August and with the help of your course, your site, the Facebook group and the community you've grown. It's been a great trip. Ten months on, I'm getting there... 5 clients and going in the right direction. I know that the course is what has got me here, it got me started and then kept me going! Anyway enough sentimental clap trap, back to work..."

"I absolutely love my job! The DIY Course is an absolute must if you want to become a VA. The process is sensible, the information is thorough. Work through it and you could be running your VA business in no time - and you could even love Monday mornings too! Go for it!"


"I set up really quickly and in the right way with Jo's help. Otherwise I think it would have taken me ages and lots of avoidable mistakes along the way. With the course I felt ready and confident to take on clients. 6 months after setting up and I have loads of work coming in!"

"I wanted to thank you for your amazing DIY course. It's been year since I bought it and it really has opened up so many opportunities for me. Before then, I didn't realise that someone with my skill set could be a freelancer. I had always assumed the lifestyle was for dog walkers or crafty people!"