Build Your Own WordPress Website

Your website is your 24/7 online shop. It acts as a place for people to see your services, testimonials, experience and prices. You can potentially get clients without one, but you will look far more credible and professional if you do.

A good website will result in thousands of pounds of income, so if you're looking to build your own, you will love my Beginners WordPress course.

It's super easy, you have lifetime access, there’s no impenetrable jargon, no assumed level of knowledge and no coding. Just easy-to-follow videos that walk you through the entire process - oh, and the first section is free!

The Beginners WordPress Course:

Takes you from zero to having your site installed and ready to go in just one weekend.


The first section is free and explains what WordPress actually is, what version you need and how to use the Dashboard. You can then decide to invest in the rest of the course if you like what you see.


The course assumes no prior knowledge and you complete each lesson before moving on to the next. If you can follow a recipe then you can definitely follow this course and create your VA website.


The course is delivered as a combination of videos and written content. Each video is a step-by-step walkthrough of every stage and then my own Web Developer has added additional tips, advice and resources.


The training videos are always up-to-date and now include detailed, comprehensive information about WordPress's new Gutenberg editor which they rolled out during their last big update.


The course covers everything including installation, domain names and hosting, creating pages, formatting, plugins and widgets, adding media, themes, custom menus and much, much more.


If money is a bit tight but you want to create a website so you can open for business and attract clients, I have payment plans to suit every budget. So this way you can launch your website now but pay later!

This course totally has you covered.

The Beginners WordPress is the most comprehensive course you'll come across. It really does cover every single thing you need to know in order to create your own website.


Course Overview (free)

We kick off by explaining what WordPress actually is and the difference between and Because they are completely different and it helps to know which one you need!


Content Basics

This section explains your dashboard (so you know what you're actually looking at!) the difference between Posts and Pages and an outline of WordPress's still relatively new Gutenberg block editor.


Creating Your Content

This covers how to create and edit posts and pages, add images, links and buttons and how to embed a PDF, video or audio file. It also goes over featured images, categories, tags, and publishing options.


Customising Your Site

Once you know how to add content you then discover how to create a static Home page and a custom menu, add plugins and widgets and how to install and customise your chosen theme.



Blocks are WordPress's preferred way for you to add content to your website. This section covers text, media, design and widget blocks and also talks about block patterns.


Other Features

This section covers some additional WordPress features such as the media library, managing reader comments, adding new users, editing your profile and the tools and settings menus.


Additional Resources

At the end of the course, there are some extra resources on plugins, themes, domain names, hosting, installation, how to install WordPress with an automated script and contact info in case you get stuck.

Happy Buyers

"Love, love, love this course! A definite must for all beginners. It takes you through step by step how to set up your very own WordPress site and is also really useful for those that have already set up a site and would like to be more proficient.

The layout is structured well, is super simple to look at and use and it is very easy to refer to when you want to go back and look at something. You could easily complete a site in a weekend following the instructions.

Thank you Jo for coming up with yet another brilliant addition to your set of courses."

- Emma Conway-Hyde

"SO GOOD! I’m not a pro at WordPress but I’ve spent a lot of time on it and do know a lot more than the average person. I didn’t think I needed the course but the instructions were thorough, made it so easy and it’s now all in order! There’s a reason the posts are explained before the pages. Highly recommend it."

- Jordan Garafola

"I actually already have a WordPress site but, because I created it and then kind of just left it, this course gave me the opportunity to have another look, make it more professional and develop it in line with my business needs.

I like that the course is presented in sections and I have lifetime access so can easily go back to the section I need to refresh my memory. I also love that the video content in this course will be updated when WordPress does so I'll always be up to date.

I absolutely loved doing this course - thanks Jo for developing another invaluable resource!"

- Faye Blakey

"VA learning experience #378: I had the opportunity to purchase Jo's WordPress course at a lovely price but said to myself, "Self, I really don't see you doing anything with anybody's WordPress site in the foreseeable future."

Heh, You know what happened next? I'm now in the process of cleaning up a client's WordPress site! I've managed it all quite well and she's really happy thus far."

- Karen Foults

"I’ve finally got round to starting your WordPress course I got in November - it’s so good and sooo easy to follow!! I’m already getting excited about sorting my website at the end of it!" Bernadette Babayigit "This course is easy to follow and can literally be completed in a day depending on how quickly you digest the modules.

The lessons are delivered in bite-sized chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed. You can follow along, practise as you learn and go back as many times as you need. It’s available for life so you can take your time and create an amazing size showcasing your VA awesomeness!"

- Mary Louise Karius

"My website turned out way better than I'd expected! The WordPress course was great - attempting to build a website was such a frustrating and demotivating job last time but this time it was interesting and fun."

- Isla Kirk

"Despite having a WordPress website for some time, I’d not had the confidence to maintain it myself and had to contact ‘the experts’ for minor changes. This course gave me the confidence and skills to go in and make my own changes. Jo’s courses always provide invaluable information and this one is no different."

- Ruth Cringle

"I really enjoyed this course. When starting to build my website, I was a little scared at how complicated WordPress seemed to be but I have now learned that it is actually really easy if you know what you are doing!

I learned so much about how to build an attractive and engaging site using a simple tool and drag and drop functions and I am now really looking forward to getting stuck in and creating my VA website."

- Fiona Doonican

"I really liked the structure and the length of the individual videos. It was easy to find the time to watch a few modules and finish a section instead of having to block hour-long periods for the course.

You don't need to take any notes and can focus on watching and listening to the contents. Other courses sometimes have an information overload where you can feel a little confused or the presenter garbles a little which can be distracting.

I would definitely recommend this to someone who had no or very little experience with WordPress as it tells you everything you need to know in order to set up a professional website."

- Rafaella Salmaso

"The course takes you through each stage of building a website, explaining areas that I had never even looked at. The videos are pretty much 'WordPress for dummies’ which, when building my own website was absolutely what I needed.

They are free from jargon, and on the very odd occasion any ‘geek speak' does get mentioned, Zac has written very detailed notes to go along with that video. The videos are full of top tips that helped me learn how to promote my business. The Resources at the end was also very helpful."

- Sam Palmer-Granville

"After making excuses and putting it off, I finally took action on my WordPress website. I started building it last year but I kept hitting a wall every now and again which is why I finally decided to buy the course.

I am a visual learner and enjoy the fact that there are short, easy to digest videos that I can stop and start as I want to. I found myself, pausing, going to my site, trying some of the new tips and then going back to the course."

- Sharon Barry

About The Course

This Beginner WordPress course is actually a collaboration. The training videos are a professional white label product and additional notes have been added by my WordPress Developer, Zac.

I chose to go down the white label route for a few reasons:

1. WordPress features change frequently so I wanted the content to be created by an established, reputable website company that would automatically update the training videos whenever these changes occurred.

2. I know how to manage my WordPress websites but I have no idea how to build one! So I watched every video then whenever I got to a section where I thought "would my Mum know what this means?" I asked my web developer to write an explanation underneath.

3. As my web developer knows WordPress inside out, he could add additional resources and personal advice that would set the course apart from a standard white label product.

By using a combination of a professional white label web company and a website developer, I could ensure the course would be understood by a complete beginner yet personable and always up to date.

Create A Gorgeous Website And Open For Business.

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